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Welcome to Desert Empire Cabinet Refinishing, your premier destination for professional cabinet refinishing services. With a passion for precision and an unwavering commitment to quality, we transform your cabinets into stunning focal points that elevate the aesthetics of your space.

Our expert team combines skillful craftsmanship with top-notch materials, ensuring a flawless finish that exceeds your expectations. Experience the art of refinement with Desert Empire Cabinet Refinishing, where your cabinets are not just restored—they’re revitalized to perfection.

Kitchen Refinishing Cabinets

Renew, Refresh, Revive: Where Quality Meets Cabinet Refinishing

At Desert Empire Cabinet Refinishing, we are dedicated to the art of renewal, bringing a touch of excellence to every cabinet we refine. Our commitment goes beyond the surface, as we meticulously craft and perfect each detail to ensure your cabinets are not just refinished but transformed into statements of enduring beauty.

With a focus on quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, we seamlessly merge functionality with aesthetics, revitalizing your living spaces one cabinet at a time. Discover the unparalleled satisfaction of a home that speaks volumes about your style, with Desert Empire Cabinet Refinishing leading the way in cabinet refinishing excellence.


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Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets Company

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Elevate the heart of your home with our specialized Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing service. We bring new life to your kitchen cabinets, seamlessly blending style and functionality. Our expert craftsmen meticulously work to revitalize the appearance of your kitchen, ensuring a stunning finish that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also adds value to your living space.

Bathroom Refinishing Cabinets

Bathroom Cabinet Refinishing

Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of sophistication with our Bathroom Cabinet Refinishing service. We pay meticulous attention to detail, rejuvenating your bathroom cabinets to reflect both elegance and durability. Whether you seek a modern upgrade or a classic touch, our skilled team is dedicated to crafting cabinets that perfectly complement your bathroom’s style.

Professional Cabinet Refinishing

Built-In Cabinet Refinishing

Unleash the potential of your built-in cabinets with our specialized Built-In Cabinet Refinishing service. Tailored to meet your unique design preferences, we skillfully enhance the beauty and functionality of your built-in units. From entertainment centers to custom storage solutions, our refinishing expertise ensures that your built-in cabinets become seamless, stylish additions to your living spaces.


Quality in Every Detail: The Desert Empire Cabinet Refinishing Craftsmanship Difference

Discover the essence of meticulous artistry with Desert Empire Cabinet Refinishing, where Quality in Every Detail defines our unparalleled craftsmanship. From start to finish, we take pride in elevating your experience by infusing our work with precision and dedication.

Our team is committed to going beyond the ordinary, ensuring that every aspect of your project reflects the highest standards of quality. At Desert Empire Cabinet Refinishing, it’s not just about refinishing cabinets; it’s about mastering the art of refinement, where each detail is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Experience the difference that true craftsmanship makes with Desert Empire Cabinet Refinishing.

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Transform your space, elevate your life
Unleash the Magic of Cabinet Refinishing!

At Desert Empire Cabinet Refinishing, we believe in the power of change, and that starts with revitalizing your living spaces. Our expert craftsmen weave magic into every stroke, turning dull cabinets into pieces of art that redefine your home’s aesthetic. Witness the metamorphosis as we breathe new life into your cabinets, seamlessly blending style and functionality. Beyond the surface, we unleash a wave of inspiration, transforming your space into a haven of elegance. Experience the enchantment of a home reborn with our unparalleled cabinet refinishing services. It’s not just about cabinets; it’s about elevating your life through the magic of transformation.


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Highly recommended. Phillipe is a really nice guy, does great service. He will come back and fix anything that needs it during the guarantee period. He even left some touch up paint which I didn’t expect. They did a beautiful job.


Philip was professional. Always on time. Philip and his son went above and beyond.
I wanted different hinges that were on the original cabinets and it’s a beautiful job. He made sure that everything was the way I liked it. I’m very happy with my Kitchen. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments. I recommend him.


Wow, I love my cabinets. Felipe and his team did an amazing job. They are very professional and always arrived on time. Please consider him for the job. You will not be disappointed.


Some Frequently asked
Questions from our Customers

Absolutely, cabinet refinishing is a valuable investment for several reasons. If your cabinets are less than ten years old and constructed from high-quality wood such as cherry, maple, ash, hickory, or oak, replacing them can be a substantial and unnecessary expense.

Refinishing provides a cost-effective alternative that not only preserves the integrity of the wood but also helps you save money. At Desert Empire Cabinet Refinishing, we specialize in breathing new life into your existing cabinets, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of quality craftsmanship without the need for a complete overhaul.

It’s an eco-friendly and budget-conscious choice that can transform your space without breaking the bank.

At Desert Empire Cabinet Refinishing, we understand that the cost of refinishing built-in cabinets is an important consideration for our clients. On average, the cost to refinish cabinets falls within the range of $1,500 to $5,000, as reported by trusted sources such as Angi and HomeAdvisor. 

However, at Desert Empire Cabinet Refinishing, we strive to provide competitive and transparent pricing tailored to your specific project requirements. Many homeowners find our services to be exceptionally cost-effective, with an average expenditure of $2,975.

Our commitment is to deliver quality refinishing services that not only enhance the appearance of your built-in cabinets but also provide excellent value for your investment.

Considering budget constraints, opting to refinish cabinets is often the more cost-effective choice. At Desert Empire Cabinet Refinishing, we specialize in providing high-quality cabinet refinishing services that offer an affordable alternative to purchasing new cabinets.

Refinishing allows you to achieve a refreshed and updated look for your cabinets without the substantial costs associated with buying new ones. Our commitment is to offer budget-friendly solutions that meet your aesthetic goals while maximizing savings.

Choose Desert Empire Cabinet Refinishing for an economical yet transformative approach to enhancing your cabinets and space.

At Desert Empire Cabinet Refinishing, we understand the importance of cost-effective options for cabinet refinishing. If you’re looking for the most economical approach, consider stripping paint from wood cabinets.

Alternatively, for an even more budget-friendly option, stripping and sanding the cabinets can be a cost-effective choice. According to Fixr, the cost for stripping and sanding cabinets typically ranges from $1 to $8 per square foot, making it a more affordable alternative compared to painting, which averages about $3 to $12 per square foot.

Our team at Desert Empire Cabinet Refinishing is here to discuss your options and provide solutions that align with your budget while delivering quality results for your cabinet refinishing project.

At Desert Empire Cabinet Refinishing, we understand the distinction between resurfacing and refinishing cabinets. While cabinet refacing involves replacing the doors and drawer fronts with new materials, our refinishing process is a transformative approach.

At Desert Empire Cabinet Refinishing, we specialize in revitalizing your existing doors and drawers through expert repainting or restaining techniques. This allows us to enhance the appearance of your cabinets without the need for complete replacement.

Our refinishing services provide a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution, preserving the integrity of your current cabinetry while achieving a refreshed and updated look for your space.

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